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BA4 / Workday Assesment x 2 roles

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PROJECT NAME:  Workday Assessment

Our client is underway in an enterprise implementation of the Workday product. For over one year, *** has been working with Workday Professional Service consultants’ guidance through the implementation process and all the ‘foundational’ pieces required to support this tool. The age of the legacy system to be replaced and the multitude of data structures (model and elements), in addition to the normal organization change management effort, creates an exponentially complicated initiative. 
  As stated, the Workday project has been underway for over a year. Understanding the complexity of a Workday implementation and the criticality of a successful Workday implementation, the State has decided to have an independent assessment performed to analyze current/planned implementation processes, tools, and structures. This assessment and the expected findings will provide the State with a confirmation of a successful implementation or dictate changes needed to ensure success. 
  This person will perform an independent assessment of Maine’s Workday project processes, tools, and team structure. Identify areas of risk and provide options to eliminate or mitigate risk. 
  Services Required: 
1. Feasibility assessment of current deployment strategy to include the following critical workstreams for a successful WD implementation
a. HCM 
b. Advanced Compensation
c. Talent/Performance
d. Benefits
e. Time, Attendance, and Scheduling 
f. Recruitment
g. Payroll
h. Security
i. Absence/Leave tracking and management
j. Labor Cost Distribution and Reporting

2. Clearly defined path forward for quality deployment to provide, but not limited to, the following deliverables:
a. Project timeline
b. Requirement Traceability Matrix – review the requirements to the business process configuration to ensure that we configured the system to the requirement
c. Feasibility assessment – linked to the current project timeline
d. Remediation recommendations that qualify and quantify level of effort for recommended actions. Scope to be
1. Functional configuration review
2. Data/Tenant build approach
3. Parallel testing approach
4. Full end-to-end testing approach
5. Standard project monitoring and control processes
3. Establish creditability between Workday, State of Maine, and Executive Sponsors through recurring, standardized communication strategies

1. Assessment methodology used; per Workstream defined in Part II, Section 1.1
2. Remediation recommendations defined via ‘finding-cause-effect-impact analysis’, focused on the following areas
a. Current Workday functional configurations
b. Data/Tenant build process
c. Parallel testing strategy
d. End to End testing strategy
e. Project control processes 
3. Project Timeline Analysis
a. Current timeline feasibility; contradiction cause noted
b. Future/Proposed timeline – designating areas where adoption of recommendations
• Highly organized with the ability to prioritize tasks and resolve roadblocks to meet deadlines without sacrificing standards of excellence
• Exceptional attention to detail; strong customer-service orientation; effective meeting management
• Advanced Microsoft Office skills, especially Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Visio; proficiency in SharePoint
• Creative and independent, accustomed to collaborating with a fast-paced team
• Strong organization and writing skills
• Passionate, energetic and enthusiastic about managing change